About us

First of all, we are an Italian-Polish group of close friends, and we consider " Włoska Winnica" as a new friend😊. "Włoska Winnica" was born out of our "passion" for wine and Italian products of the highest quality, our curiosity to find new labels, and our fascination with new tastes, aromas, colors and local traditions, different but nevertheless recognizable.

We would like to share with you our knowledge that we have acquired over the years, as well as the pleasure of savoring real, high-quality wines, which are the pride of the Italian wine tradition.

We would like to offer you the offer of our online wine store, which offers a wide selection of wines, where you can conveniently and easily choose not only the well-known and award-winning wines, but also wines from small and medium-sized vineyards that are little known, but also able to amaze you with their personality. We like to offer you authentic, original, high-quality wines and products that always manage to arouse emotions, striking the right balance between quality and price.

Dear All,

Why you should choose the " Włoska Winnica" online store:

  1. You will not find products directly imported from Italian hypermarkets, we focus on finding local products, hard to find and above all of the highest quality, which are a guarantee of an unforgettable experience.
  2. All products are tasted by us before they go on sale.
  3. As the exclusive distributor in Poland of such wineries as "Poggio Novo" and food producers "I Lecci della Torre", "Mafucci" and "Sabri", we offer products previously unavailable in Poland.
  4. Thanks to framework agreements with producers and distributors, we are one of the few on the Polish market to allow reservations of particularly important wines that are not yet on the market.

Best regards,
Andrea, Luigi, Alessandro,Marcin and Dawid

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